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What Is Ear Coning?

Ear Coning, also known as Ear Candling and Ear Clearing, is a centuries-old, natural remedy used to soothe the ears by acting as a catalyst to soften and clear excess earwax, yeast, toxins and excess moisture that have accumulated in the ear canals.  Ear Coning assists the body’s natural process of excreting and cleaning.  Ear Coning is also used for clearing the energy fields in the body for spiritual purposes.

What is An Ear Cone?

An Ear Cone is a long, hollow spiraled cone.  The Ear Cones used at EarthWalk are all organic, handmade and about thirteen inches in length.  Made from beeswax and unbleached cotton, they have also been blessed with Reiki energy.

How Does Ear Coning Work?

The active force in coning is the smoke spiraling in the ear canal.  Because the cones are tapered at the insertion end and a bit wider at the burning end, a powerful, yet gentle draw is created when warm smoke travels down the hollow cone into the ear canal where the warmth softens and loosens earwax and debris into the cone.   

What Does Ear Coning Feel Like?

Ear Coning is gentle, relaxing and pleasurable.  You may first feel the cone being lightly inserted at the ear canal opening.  You may feel soothing warmth and hear crackling or hissing in your ear as the cone burns down.  Perhaps, you may hear the sound of your own pulse in your ear.  You might feel a sensation of light pressure in your ear.   There should be no discomfort during the procedure or after.  In fact, some people become so comfortable they fall asleep during the session.

How Long Does An Ear Coning Session Last?

The entire ear coning session lasts approximately 60 minutes. 

What Happens During An Ear Coning Session?

While lying comfortable on a massage table, the session begins with a gently stimulation of the sinuses, face and ears.  The practitioner uses a walking technique with the fingers and thumbs while applying a constant light pressure.  This allows the areas to open and enables the client to receive the most beneficial session.

The practitioner then lights the wide end of the ear cone and while burning, positions the tapered end of the cone in the mouth of the ear canal, at a 90-degree angle.  The cone is allowed to burn down approximately 2-3 inches before it is gently removed for cleaning.  The process is repeated two more times until only about 5 inches of the cone remains. 

The same procedure is then followed with the other ear. 

When both ears have been coned the client relaxes still further while the ear energy is balanced.  The practitioner’s cupped hands are placed over both ears during this time for about 5-7 minutes.

What Are The Benefits Of Ear Coning?

Millions of people have reported positive results from ear coning.  While results vary, some beneficial effects that have been experienced are:

  • reduced stress and tension
  • cleared sinus areas and nasal passages
  • relieved allergy symptoms
  • relieved headaches
  • improved smell, taste and vision
  • improved hearing
  • relieved itchiness
  • relieved swimmer’s ear
  • relieved allergies
  • eased tinnitus and vertigo
  • opened spiritual channels

Ear coning is not a substitute for medical treatment.

Does Ear Coning Have Age Requirements?

Ear Coning is safe and appropriate for most ages.  When children can sit or lie quietly for an extended period of time, often at around age of eight, teenagers, adults and the elderly may all benefit from experiencing ear coning sessions.

How Many Ear Coning Sessions Do I Need?

Clients have benefited from only one session.  However, three sessions spaced 5-7 days apart are recommended to experience the most effective and significant benefits.

What Is The History Of Ear Coning?

Ear Coning has been traced to the ancient Phoenicians, Egyptians and Chinese. Murals, pottery and temple walls have depicted a person sitting with an implement in the ear, with a flame on the end.  The Egyptians used ear coning for contacting the spirit world. The priests and royalty were the only ones who were allowed to make contact with the spirit world therefore they were the only ones who would have an ear coning done. While it is not known if they used ear coning for healing purposes, we do know it was used for spiritual purposes.

In North America we know from songs and stories that the Native Americans used ear coning as well. Not only was ear coning used for spiritual work and vision quests, they also used it for healing purposes. We know that they used it for vision quests and contact with the spirit world but we also know that they used it for healing purposes. In the Northwest the Native People use a clay cone and they put herbs inside which they burn and causes the smoke to spiral down into the ear and withdraw the excess earwax and yeast from the body and or cause the vision quest to begin.

In Mexico they use rolled up old newspaper to make their cones and they also put herbs inside and light it on fire to allow it to do its work.
Today, in Germany, when a doctor is going through his internship part of his training is earconing. In England part of a nurses training is in how to do an earconing.  In the USA ear coning is a home remedy passed down from generation to generation and is performed mostly by lay people.

How Does Ear Coning Help With Spiritual Work?

There are many spiritual reasons for doing ear coning.  Spiritual seekers and workers use ear coning to enhance Extra Sensory Perception, Clairvoyance and Clairaudiance, as well as Channeling and Psychic powers.  As in the hands and feet, the ear contains nerve endings representative of all other areas of the body.  Ear coning cleans away debris accumulated on those nerve endings, thus clearing the way for streams of subtle energy to flow, unimpaired, to the body, mind and emotions.  Ear Coning can heighten visualization and can balance and strengthen the Chakras (energy centers) of the body.